The second series of our documentary series in which we explore the mysteries of classic Doctor Who production featuring the Daleks and includes new facts and unseen images…

28th April 2022: The Doctor’s Time Television: Lost Lore and Design Development

19th May 2022: Movie Daleks Cross into the TV Series: An Expensive Failure

7th July 2022: The Secret Life of the Bizarre Blowtorch Dalek

26th July 2022: Cine Secrets Uncovered – Dalek Home Movie Discovery from 1967

7th September 2022: The Lost Filming Location from Talons and How it Looks Today

23rd September 2022: The DALEK-TARDIS Disaster! Why was the “DARDIS” created and what went wrong?

28th October 2022: How BBC Bosses Sabotaged Nation’s Dalek Spy Thriller: The Original Master Plan

10th December 2022: A History of the Special Weapons Dalek Props on and off screen