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Site updates

During our research for our YouTube series ‘Terry Nation Army’, snippets of information and images have built up just waiting to be added to the site. We have taken a few days off video research to spend some time adding them in! These pages have small updates… The Chase, The Daleks’ Masterplan, Five Years in […]

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We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us and given us feedback on our ‘Terry Nation Army’ series over on Youtube. We have been overwhelmed by the numbers of subscribers and views we have had! If you like to show your appreciation for us and have access to behind the scenes news, extra pictures, […]

Terry Nation Army

Coming soon -A brand new YouTube series starts 1st July at 5.15 BST in which we explore the mysteries of classic Doctor Who production featuring the Daleks. We promise new facts and unseen images, so go and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you don’t miss #TerryNationArmy!👉🏻


Our Youtube channel has been a little quiet in the last few years but Gav and I have some plans that should see more content there in the coming months. We began this just this week with a look at some rare 1960s Dalek footage and my panic at the BBC when I came to […]


Although its sometime since we last uploaded a full page, we have made many additions over the last few months across all the eras of the show. We often make people aware of these updates via Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with more news there!

Series Nine & Ten

After a year of hard work behind the scenes, we have finally reached Series Nine & Ten and we are (as we write) up to date! You can read all about the Dalek props of The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar here. Of course, the series goes on and no doubt the Doctor will […]