A documentary series in which we explore the mysteries of classic Doctor Who production featuring the Daleks and includes new facts and unseen images…

1st July 2019 – Camber’s Dalek Disaster

8th July 2019 – The Mystery Of Terry Nation’s Special Daleks

15th July 2019 – Shepperton’s Secrets (Making of Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD) 1/2

22nd July 2019 – Daleks Invasion Shepperton 1966AD (Making of Daleks Invasion 2150AD) 2/2

29th July 2019 – The Lost COLOUR 1960s Dalek Episodes

5th August 2019 –  The REAL Story Behind the Dalek Supreme

12th August 2019 – What Really Happened to the Movie TARDIS and Other Boxes

14th October 2019 – Abandoned Mechonoid Designs and Deleted Robots from The Chase

22nd October 2019 – Secrets of 60s Scripts and Ealing Prop Mystery Solved

30th October 2019 – How Remembrance of the Daleks was Fixed in the Edit

8th November 2019 – The Original Ending of Dalek Invasion of Earth and its Problematic Monster Costume

14th November 2019 – Dalek Guns in The Mandalorian EXPLAINED and Other Dr Who Stuff in Star Wars

25th December 2019 – Doctor Who’s Weird 1965 Christmas Special

28th February 2020 – When The Doctor Was a Human Who Invented the TARDIS