The third season of our documentary series in which we explore the mysteries of classic Doctor Who production featuring the Daleks and includes new facts and unseen images…

31st May 2023:  The Seven Classic Daleks in the Asylum – Complete Histories Uncovered

22nd June 2023: The BBC Borrowed Six Bronze Daleks for The Asylum … and the result was chaos

5th July 2023: How a Doctor Who Serial was Shaped by Jack the Ripper – Talons of Weng-Chiang Analysed

28th September 2023: The Crazy Cataloguing of the BBC’s Colossal Dalek Army (2005-2012)

18th November 2023: How the Early Cybermen and The Wheel in Space were Influenced by Science and Movies

30th November 2023: “Voice of the Daleks” Nicholas Briggs Breaks Down the Dalek Voices