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We are extremely grateful to everybody who supports us on Patreon and we’d love to have you with us if you aren’t already. Our Patrons have helped us subscribe to Newspaper archives from which we have been able to dig up a number of Dalek related articles for upcoming videos! But we realise that the […]

The Dalek 63•88 Propcast

Why not join us in our new adventure – the Dalek 63•88 Propcast! First, meet the team! Then, enjoy a casual chat about the week’s research: The Saucer Commander Mystery and Strange Script Censorship. Delight in our Pointless Dalek Quiz. Listen to the Biscuit Issues. And to finish: a Q&A from our Patrons including Servo […]

Site updates

During our research for our YouTube series ‘Terry Nation Army’, snippets of information and images have built up just waiting to be added to the site. We have taken a few days off video research to spend some time adding them in! These pages have small updates… The Chase, The Daleks’ Masterplan, Five Years in […]

Support us on Patreon

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us and given us feedback on our ‘Terry Nation Army’ series over on Youtube. We have been overwhelmed by the numbers of subscribers and views we have had! If you like to show your appreciation for us and have access to behind the scenes news, extra pictures, […]